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Clinical Bodywork/Clinical Bodywork with Cupping

Provided by Sally Sachs, LMT.


Deep tissue restorative techniques with the aim of improving range of motion and decreasing muscle tension. Clients will experience a mix of deep myofascial release with trigger point therapy. This modality can be used to address physical pain and stiffness related to injury, overuse, chronic pain, work/life stress, trauma, repetitive motion, the cognitive dissonance that results from being a pawn of capitalism, etc... 


Provided by Nat Vikitsreth


Nat Vikitsreth (she/her) is trained and certified in Traditional Thai foot massage and reflexology from Wat Phra Chetuphon Traditional Medicine School in her ancestral homeland, Thailand. She's passionate about decolonizing wellness and making her ancestors' healing modalities accessible to those who are pushed to the margins. For more information about Nat, please visit


Traditional Thai foot massage combines the ancient art of Chinese reflexology with the traditional Thai massage. Stimulating the reflexology points strengthens the internal organs while massaging the energy lines or "Sen" in Thai brings relaxation and balancing of the Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire elements. 

The session begins with a quick intake while you're getting your feet cleaned. Feet, legs, and upper thighs will be massaged using a massage cream. Please wear loose fitting bottoms. Clothes stay on the entire session. 

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