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These are my real-life top frequently asked questions:

"What does cupping do?"

Depends who you ask. Cupping is a type of manual therapy involving suction cups on the skin (yes, like an octopus!) I explain it as lifting and separating layers of fascia because that is what makes sense to me, but if you google it or ask someone else you are likely to get an explanation involving chi and toxins. Either way, it's great for relieving tension and restoring range of motion.

"Can you work on a hamstring injury?"

Absolutely. Hamstrings typically strain at the top attachment point and then become adhered to the surrounding muscles. There is genuinely nothing I love more than breaking up fascial adhesions.

I'm trans and/or gender non-binary, do you care?

We all have the same muscles underneath and that's what I'm here to treat. Let's smash some fascia and the patriarchy.

"I'm a stripper, does that bother you?"

Fuck no, I love strippers- ya'll always pay cash.

"How often should I get massage?"

Ideally once a week, but no one has time or money for that. Let's shoot for once a month.

"Can I get a massage right after working out?"

Yes. It can be wise to give yourself a moment to cool down so that you can tell if you've injured or irritated anything during your workout. Other than that it's fine.

"Can I go to pole class right after a massage?"

Actually, this is different for everyone. This works out great for some people and really not great for others. So pretty much proceed with caution. However, going straight into a workout may to some extent "undo" what we got accomplished during the massage, and also please let me know if I shouldn't be using oil as this may cause slippage.

"Can you work on someone who is not a pole dancer or aerialist?"

Of course and I do all the time, but you should know that relaxation is not my forté.

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