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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy at PoleStrong is focused on injury treatment and prevention. Your session will begin with a brief intake interview to assess individual needs and goals. We will then work to reduce myofascial adhesions and excess muscle tension in order to give you back range of motion and decrease feelings of discomfort.

Cupping is a wonderful way to augment the benefits of massage by further loosening soft issue restrictions. Cupping can be added to any regular massage session for an additional $15.


Photos by Ellen Beard Photography

Skype Service for Bodywork

During a virtual bodywork session we will:

  • Coach you through DIY massage

  • Teach scientific principals of DIY massage

  • Find household items that work on a budget (behold the glory of the soup can!)

  • Talk you through stretching for myofascial release


Prices are the same as in-house sessions (packages and membership credits may be applied), sliding scale available.

Functional Strength Training

Functional strength training is designed to prevent recurring injuries. It provides you with the strength, balance, and body awareness to properly engage your muscles both during training and in ordinary posture. The goal is to reduce chronic patterns of pain and dysfunction, and unlock higher levels of athletic performance.

Many chronic patterns of injury and muscle pain relate to one set of muscles being overly tight while an opposing group needs to be strengthened. For this reason, functional strength training when done in conjunction with massage offers an optimal balance to attain lasting results.

Also available as a Skype service


BIO: PoleStrong Bodyworks is owned and operated by Sally Sachs, LMT and ACE certified personal trainer. Sally is an avid pole/aerial performer, competitor, and instructor at The Brass Ring Chicago. She draws from knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics to inform both her teaching and massage practice. Sally's primary focus in bodywork is to restore your optimum range of motion helping you reach higher levels of strength and flexibility, and prevent or recover from injury.


Photo by Ellen Beard

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